Cervia (Ravenna)

The thermal baths of Cervia are next to the 27 hectar pines forest. The termal baths are well known for wellness and beauty treatments


Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna)

The thermal baths of Castel San Pietro are located near the hills between the towns of Imola and Bologna and are surrounded by a huge park. The particular appeal of the thermae is the quality of its sulfurous waters


Monterenzio (Bologna)

The thermal baths of this holiday farm collect the waters from a source close to the Dragone. Villaggio della Salute is a combination between health protection with thermal treatments and relax. The village is open all year around


Salsomaggiore (Parma)

The thermal baths of Salsomaggiore are well known for a high amount of mineral salts. These waters have the highest concentration of iodine and bromine with a twofold action: they increase the natural defense mechanis mof the body and intensify regeneration


Tabiano (Parma)

The thermal baths of Tabiano Terme Respighi are the respiratiry therms. They are known for producing the best sulfureous waters in Europe and have natural healng properties. These waters are particularly indicated for the prevention and treatment of bronchitis, and various diseases of the ear, nose, throat and skin in adults and kids


Castrocaro Terme (Forlì-Cesena)

The thermal baths of Castrocaro offer inhalation therapies, balneotherapies, hydropinci therapies, all with the original waters and mud of Castrocaro, known and used for medical therapies since 1938