COTIGNOLA (province of Ravenna)

Maria Cecilia Hospital has been founded in Cotignola (province of Ravenna) in 1973 and is a private hospital with a focus on highest specialization and complexity. Maria Cecilia Hospital has 12 operation rooms, 3 of which dedicated to interventional and endovascular heart surgery, 3 for electrophysiology and electrostimulation. 14 beds are dedicated to Cardiologic Intensive Care (=UTIC) all well equipped for outstanding care of complex patient situations.
The care units are divided in therapeutic topics, including a cardiovascular unit, a head and neck unit and a surgical unit. The cardiovascular and cardiosurgery units are the very first department in the region of Emilia-Romagna and among the first three centers in Italy per patient volumes and complex clinical cases being treated.
The hospital is accredited for all services provided with the Italian National Health Service.



Salus Hospital was founded in Reggio Emilia in 1946 and is part of GVM Care & Research since 1996. Salus Hospital today is one of the most important center for High Specialization and complex diagnostics and complex surgeries in Italy.
The mission of the clinic is the satisfaction of patients expectations, offering guarantee and efficiency of medical services, yet focusing also on incoming services, environment of the treatment facilities, information services and assistance to patients family members. The hospital has 107 patient beds offering general hospital services, day-hospital and days surgery services. Services of excellence focus on cardiosurgery, orthopaedics and surgery of the vertebral column.
The intensive care uniti supports patients with cardiovascular emergency situations, post surgical patients in general.
Salus Hospital provides a Point of Care for th execution of lab diagnosis examination directly at the patients bed. Salus Hospitals is accredited for all services provided with the Italian National Health Service.



Clinica Privata Villalba starts its activity on the hillside close to the city of Bologna. Over the years the clinic, being initially renown as an obstetric center, becomes an excellency in polispecialisitc services offering advanced technologies with highly trained professionals. In 2002 Villalba is integrated in the GVM Care & Research Group with the aim to requalify the clinic, positioning it in the core group of private clinics in Bologna. In 2006 the clinic is entirely renewed and in 2010 Villalba operates a huge innovative step, installing Aquilion One, the world most advance CAT machinery, allowing to drastically reduce the time for diagnostics and the radiation doses. The clinic offers 5 operating rooms, four of which for major surgery and one for day-hospital activity, an intensive care unit with 7 beds accessible 24/24 during the entire year with a full anaesthesiology service on call. Clinica Privata Villalba puts its focus on the central wellbeing of the patients and the excllence of its services. All services are offered either in regular hospitalization regime, day-hospital, surgical day-hospital or general office regime.



The Ospedale Privato Villa Maria has been founded in 1964 and distinguishes itself for the continuous reseaarch of highly skilled professionals and the use of sophisticated machinery and instrumentation, to offer utmost respect for the patient and his wellbeing. By the end of 2014 the clinic has been widely expanded with a restyling including a rehabilitation center with pool and a brandnew surgical unit with four big operating rooms, equiped with state of the art technology, sophisticated security systems and patient monitoring with an integrated surveillance system spacing from the O.R. through the specialist unit and the patients bed. A sterilization unit with three zones is integratedin the totally renewed health equipment.
The hospital is accredited for all services provided with the Italian National Health Service.



Ospedali Privati in Forlì provides its services in two clinics: Casa di Cura Villa Igea and Casa di Cura Villa Serena. The services in general medicine, surgery and rehabilitation medicine, all well renown for highest standards in treatment and patient assistance, have reached highest standards in the multidisciplinary center for the treatment of obesity, the ophtalmology unit and the urology unit.
The hospital promotes since more than 60 years the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases by investing in the professionalism of the medical professionals, paramedics, and technical staff, using diagnostic and therapeutic methods that are continously adjusted to the guidelines of clinical practice. The correct choice of medical technology and innovative diagnostic systems proven by technical and scientific evidence is one of the cornerstones of the success.
Both hospitals are accredited for all services provided with the Italian National Health Service.



Casa di cura Città di Parma has been founded in 1962 with the mission to offer hospital and day hospital services with diagnostic and therapeutic services typical of
a polispecialist private center to be entirely integrated in the local health territory.
The hospital has been deeply reconstructed and widely extended and at present has eight operating rooms, a double post-surgical monitored unit, one rehabilitation unit, one day hospital unit for minor surgery and endoscopies, one investigating lab, one diagnostic imaging unit, all of which equiped with state of the art tecnologies. A well equipped conference room is available for internal education and scientific congresses. Casa di Cura Città di Parma is accredited for all services provided with the Italian National Health Service.



Villa Torri Hospital is an institution in Bologna since 1900 and has been integrated in the GVM Group. Today it has become a complete hospital facility accredited for all services provided with the Italian National Health Service, approved by integrated health funds, institutions, health insurance companies and mutual societies. With its polispecialistic services, diagnostic facilities and cutting edge technologies, Villa Torri Hospital offers medical and surgical performances in cardiovascular srugery and orthopaedics. With its 24h assistance, use of innovative and non invasive methodology, rehabilitation programs for the postsurgical course, patients enjoy individualized healing programs. The Department of Orthopaedics provides arthroprosthetic surgery, arthroscopies and treatment of pathologies of the vertebral column. The polispecialistic surgery services and the medical services both cover the entire therapeutic range.; con le chirurgie polispecialistiche e i servizi di area medica, completa la sua offerta di prestazioni sanitarie di qualità. Villa Torri Hospital is accredited for all services provided with the Italian National Health Service Nazionale (NHS).



San Pier Damiano Hospital was found january 12, 1964 and included in the GVM Care & Research Group in 1995. GVM is an italian group active in health, research, biomedics, spas, company services with the mission to promote welbeing and quality of life. San Pier Damiano Hospital distinguishes itself by the high specialization of its staff and by state of the art and advanced diagnostic technologies, with the aim to provide maximum attention to the dignity of the patient in his path from diagnosis through treatment, where trust, quality of assistance, professionalism and value of the individual are crucial in a comfortable environment that has recently been restructured and extended. San Pier Damiano Hospital is accredited for all services provided with the Italian National Health Service.



Casa di Cura Malatesta Novello is a private hospital offering polispecialistic services, founded in 1947. Casa di Cura Malatesta Novello is well renown for being always equiped with state of the art technology (the hospital was the first in the region to install an M.R.I.) and to offer advanced treatment options ( the hospital was among the first to offer laparoscopic surgery for the removal of the gallbladder in the early 90’ies). The hospital furthermore is well renown for outstanding attention to patient needs. Focus is pointed on Orthopaedics and Traumatology, ENT, Gynaecology, mini-invasive Surgery, and the treatment of obesity. The hospital is accredited for all services provided with the Italian National Health Service.



Hair transplant “made in Italy”
A world leading technique with the surgical follicular unit extraction 0.7mm FUE
With the HD0.7 technique single follicular units are extracted with a surgical punch with an external diameter of 0.7 mm, which allows to explant up to 5.000 follicular untis, i.e, plus 11.000 hairs.

High density Follicular Implantation
The microscopic dimension of the follicular units allows for implantation with a very high density. Not only the results are excellent and very natural looking, it i salso possible to add hairs in the beard and eyebrows with a definition that was thought impossible in the past.
Very quick healing process
The technique is mini-invasive, so that the donor site and the receiving site are perfectly healed 7 days after surgery. No scars can be seen which is possible to the microscopic dimension of the extractions.
The new high density technique MICRO FUE HD cannot be compared to other techniques currently practiced in Italy, In one single surgical session up to 5.000 follicular units, the equivalent of 11.000 hairs can be implanted. The surgical procedure takes at least 6 hours and is similar to the delicate work of a jeweler. Surgical punches and clamps are microscopic, both for the total satisfaction of the patient.



Casa di Cura San Lorenzino was founded in 1938 by Dr. Elio Bisulli. In 80 years of activity the number of beds increased and the health services became more and more diversified.
Today Casa di Cura San Lorenzino is a polispecialistic private hospital.
With the introduction of the Italian National Health Service in 1978, the Hospital has been accredited for 120 beds in category A.
The hospital provides highly qualified recovery areas with any comfort and a department for cutting edge imaging diagnostics, as well as a important Center for Obesity Care. In 2009 started the activity of the Medical Centre for Sleep Disorders with polysomnography
devices. Since 2014 eight modern day hospital rooms have been added to the Department.
Since 1998 Casa di Cura San Lorenzino has undergone the Quality Checks achieving in 2002 the UNINE ISO 9002 standard, released by the International Body of Certification BVQI. In december 15 2003 the hospital has achieved the norma UNI EN ISO9001standard, edition 2000, valid for all departments.