During our days together we’ll spend time in splendid medieval villages with their fabulous enogastronomic offerings, as well as devote a whole day to health! We will stay in the village of Santarcangelo di Romagna, and visit San Leo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. San Leo is an authentic gem of this beautiful country, taking us back in time to the Middle Ages when Dante Aligheri himself walked on the cobblestone central square. We’ll come to know, in addition to Roman and Renaissance Rimini, the places and the atmosphere that formed the great director Federico Fellini who was born here and who was always connected to this land. There will also be an opportunity to taste and learn about DOC wines with a sommelier at a prestigious winery, and we will learn about the renowned formaggio di fossa di Sogliano, by visiting the shop where it is made and, of course, by tasting this remarkable cheese.

Travel for Health - Edible Romagna
5 days / 4 nights ( minimum 2 people)