Turisalus offers foreign patients access to the best clinics in Italy and provides them with an incomparable experience of italian culture.

While your body will be healed by expert professionals, your soul will be immerged in the traditional italian hospitality, exposed to art and monuments, to unforgettable landscapes and outstanding food experiences.

Our mission is to satisfy your therapeutic needs and your desire for a relaxing stay.

Turisalus, we make it happen, we make it fun!


Turisalus is B-corporation that focuses its activities on medical tourism. It is based in Italy and it helps foreign patients get access to the best hospitals and doctors in Italy.

Turisalus was founded in 2015 by a group of professionals who had formerly worked in leading positions with the Italian Public Health Care system. The Italian Public Health Care system was recognized by the World Health Organization as the second best in the world.

Turisalus offers a unique combination of ”best of health care” and “best of tourism”.

What you get

Feel free to contact us via the online form or via email to summarize your present health concern. We will answer swiftly with a full proposal including the choice of the appropriate clinic, the curriculum of the appropriate professional, the treatment options, a proposal for the accommodation including your family members during and after the hospital stay.

If you wish, Turisalus will be glad to offer global assistance, starting from your arrival in Italy through to your departure, providing you with a personal assistant and an interpreter. Furthermore, as we strongly believe in the positive effect of relaxing and having fun while convalescing we will be glad to suggest and organize your stay in Italy in the healing period.

Turisalus, we make it happen, we make it fun!

Range of Diseases
and Therapies
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We are active in the area of mobility and logistics referred to foreign tourists with special health needs.

In this context we evaluate with great care the particular need of the patient and his family so to offer total support during his journey and stay in Italy, covering the entire process from departure through return to home.